Lifeloc Technologies wishes to appoint new distributors for select countries in Asia Pacific Region

We are actively searching for new distributors in the Asia Pacific Region to grow our business for the range of
Breath Alcohol Testers in the following countries:

  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Sri Lanka
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Hong Kong
  • Nepal
  • Myanmar
  • Bangladesh
  • Cambodia

Potential companies and individuals must have good knowledge of and experience in the local market for such products with Law Enforcement and Work place.

You can email us your interest to along with a brief profile of your company and experience.

Lifeloc will respond only to shortlisted companies/ individuals.

Alcohol Testing

Lifeloc Technologies Breathalyzer Products

For three decades, Lifeloc Technologies has manufactured advanced portable alcohol screeners for Law Enforcement, Workplace, Corrections Professionals and International applications. Lifeloc professional breath analyzers are recognized as among the fastest, most reliable and easiest to use on the market. They are tested and approved by the US Department of Transportation and other regulatory bodies around the world. Our professional breathalyzers use state of the art Platinum Fuel Cell sensing technology, which when combined with our patented alcohol measurement algorithms ensure an instrument of unsurpassed accuracy and reliability. Lifeloc alcohol testers are available in different models depending on the markets they serve. 

FC Series Breath Alcohol Testers for Law Enforcement

FC Series Breath Alcohol Testers

The FC Series of portable breath testers or "breathalyzers" are the professional’s choice for accuracy, reliability, and ease of use.   Engineered and manufactured in the United States for Law Enforcement, Corrections, Drug Courts, Schools  and related applications, the FC Series of platinum fuel cell alcohol testers offer long working life and unsurpassed test accuracy. With the fastest test and recovery times of any comparable instruments, the FC Series are designed for maximum operator productivity and safety.

Phoenix 6.0 Evidential Breath Alcohol Tester

Workplace Series Breath Alcohol Testers

The Workplace Series of evidential breath alcohol testers or “breathalyzers” provide users with precision instruments, fully integrated solutions, and advanced BAT training and service packages. Known for their ease of use, all of Lifeloc’s EBTs provide fully automated operation, simple electronic calibration and easy to understand prompts and full text alerts.

LifeGuard Personal Breathalyzer

Personal Use Breath Alcohol Testers

LifeGuard is the first breath alcohol tester born from 25+ years of experience designing and manufacturing breath alcohol testers for Law Enforcement. LifeGuard uses our Platinum Fuel Cell Technology, the same alcohol sensing technology trusted by professional users worldwide.

There is no more accurate personal alcohol tester available than the LifeGuard. Wherever and whenever there is the need for personal breath alcohol content (BAC) measurement, LifeGuard is the one to trust.

Breath Alcohol Testing Kiosk

Alcohol Offender Testing and Management Kiosk

Standalone Breath Alcohol and Drug Testing Kiosks are quickly gaining ground both internationally and domestically.  As such, Lifeloc offers a full line of Kiosk solutions for every testing need.  The process is easy, we consult with our customers, determine their needs and design and develop a fully integrated alcohol testing kiosk.

Alcohol Control Entry System

SENTINEL™ Breath Alcohol Screening Entry System

The SENTINELis a fully automated "Zero Tolerance" alcohol screening solution for monitoring of employees, contractors and visitors in safety sensitive industries such as Construction, Oil and Gas and Mining. It is also well suited to automatic monitoring in probation, parole, and 24 X 7 sobriety programs and related offender monitoring applications.

Drunk Buster Impairment Goggles

Drunk Buster Impairment Goggles

An innovative and effective tool, Drunk Buster impairment goggles simulate the effects of drug and alcohol use creating the perfect solution for educators, law enforcement, treatment centers or anyone concerned with drunk driving or alcohol awareness.

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