Lifeloc is Your Bluetooth Breath Alcohol Testing Partner

FC20BT and Phoenix 6.0BT Bluetooth Enabled Instruments
Lifeloc Technologies and Bluetooth Security

Why Lifeloc Uses Bluetooth
Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances without physical connections and with high levels of security. Bluetooth is used in over 40 million medical devices and for millions of banking transactions every day. Its rapid adoption owes to the mobility and ease of use it brings users through the elimination of docking stations, cables and bulky computer plug-ins. Its power requirements are lower than that of cellphones making it particularly well suited for both in-house and on-the-go mission critical applications.

Lifeloc specializes in integrating our devices into existing or new Bluetooth environments. Whether you wish to wirelessly send your test records to smartphones, printers or other network devices we can help.

Bluetooth Security
Bluetooth has security and cost advantages over infrared, Wi-Fi and cellular transmission technologies. Lifeloc’s Bluetooth implementation follows the latest NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) guidelines and recommendations for Bluetooth to ensure the highest levels of security.


    Lifeloc Bluetooth: Six Layers of Security
  1. Limited Communication Range: Lifeloc permits a maximum 30 foot or 10 meter communication range between system components to help prevent anyone outside of the security perimeter from "sniffing" or intercepting device communication.
  2. Non-discoverable device pairing: Unlike Bluetooth phones and tablets our Bluetooth implementation prevents other devices from discovering or connecting to your Lifeloc device. You cannot intentionally or by accident send test results to other printers or devices. As importantly, other devices cannot detect your Lifeloc instrument.
  3. Short Transceiver Time: The onboard Bluetooth transceiver is only open and transmitting for a few seconds while the instrument is printing or while you are entering data, typically about 5 seconds. At all other times communication is disabled. This conserves power and further enhances device security.
  4. Password Protection: Lifeloc uses a highly unique and virtually indecipherable pin-code to irrevocably pair your system components.
  5. Encryption: All device communication incorporates multiple levels of encryption.
  6. Never Lose a Test Record: Your test data is never compromised. In the unlikely event that a transmission failure should occur test data is safely stored in the instrument for later transmission.
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