Lifeloc Technologies wishes to appoint new distributors for select countries in Asia Pacific Region

We are actively searching for new distributors in the Asia Pacific Region to grow our business for the range of
Breath Alcohol Testers in the following countries:

  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Sri Lanka
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Hong Kong
  • Nepal
  • Myanmar
  • Bangladesh
  • Cambodia

Potential companies and individuals must have good knowledge of and experience in the local market for such products with Law Enforcement and Work place.

You can email us your interest to along with a brief profile of your company and experience.

Lifeloc will respond only to shortlisted companies/ individuals.

FC Series Training

Officer Training on the FC Series Breathalyzers
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Instrument training is an important element of any successful breath alcohol testing program. Every FC10, FC10Plus and FC20 includes a comprehensive CD ROM user guide. At the end of the CD ROM instructions are provided for users to take a final exam to receive a certificate of completion. FC Series training materials can be accessed below.

We can customize a course for your individual needs. In addition, we provide Lifeloc factory certified Train the Trainer programs so that you can train your staff in-house.

For additional information or if you require your employees to have a certificate of completion please contact us at or complete the online training request form.

    This training program can be delivered in the following formats:
  • In person, at your location
  • At the Lifeloc factory in Colorado
  • Online

Contact us at 800.722.4872, or complete the request for training information form to design a custom program that will fit your correction testing needs.

FC Series Video FC Series Training Information

Training Courses

  • Law Enforcement Training
  • Corrections Training
  • Schools Training

Law Enforcement FC Training

    Law enforcement alcohol training and certification includes:
  • An in depth knowledge of instrument functions and features
  • Comprehensive instrument operation with hands on proficiency demonstrations
  • Detailed information on calibration and verifications including manufacturer certification
  • General knowledge of testing protocols
  • Avoiding common obstacles associated with breath alcohol testing

Lifeloc's law enforcement alcohol training and certification program is designed to improve equipment and testing proficiency; this program is model-specific and upon completion of the course, you will be provided certification as a Lifeloc Factory Authorized Operator and Calibration Technician.

Please note: Lifeloc Technologies' training is not intended to replace any governmental or agency guidelines related to operating procedures, training or maintenance requirements, or testing protocols and techniques.

    Corrections alcohol training and certification includes:
  • Understanding of alcohol testing
  • Alcohol facts versus myths
  • Alcohol absorption and effects
  • Thorough, hands on equipment demonstration, operation and proficiency
  • Test protocols, techniques, results interpretation and common testing questions
  • Avoiding testing obstacles
  • Calibration certification

Individuals performing any type of corrections alcohol testing will benefit from the deeper understanding of proper procedures, results interpretation and testing situations that Lifeloc's training courses offer.

    School Administrators and School Resource Officers (SRO) alcohol training and certification includes:
  • Essential alcohol basics and facts
  • Breath alcohol testing protocols and techniques
  • Results interpretation
  • Common myths and misconceptions
  • Full equipment operation
    We also offer:
  • Student awareness education
  • Alcohol testing program guidance
  • Signs and symptoms of alcohol use and abuse
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