Alcohol Offender Testing and Management System

Breath Alcohol Testing Kiosk
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The ZT247™ Probation and Parole Alcohol Testing System is a turnkey kiosk based system to automate offender breath alcohol testing and the accompanying administration, reporting and tracking that is often burdensome today. The ZT247™ solution frees up officer resources and time by eliminating manual client check-in, payment, receipt printing and client logging. The system also automates routine offender breathalyzer testing.

The ZT247™ System pays for itself through easier and more secure client authentication, automated BA testing, real-time violation reporting and electronic record keeping. Benefits to your operation include:

  • Case management and violation response in real time. Immediate officer notification of alcohol testing violations conveniently delivered to your electronic desktop, via email or text message.
  • Greater offender accountability. Easy touchscreen client log-in with the enhanced security of video and/or auto finger-print matching on each and every client test.
  • More effective case management. Automatic BAC capture and a fully searchable database of BAC testing events provide a myriad of individual and summary reporting options to support evidence based management activities.
  • Simplified offender management. The software has the flexibility to assign and change BA test interval assignments by day, time or by exception and by officer.
  • We work with you to cost justify the system.

Offender Management Software
The ZT247™ offender management software (developed for Lifeloc by Snagpod™ LLC) and secure cloud based database tie the ZT247™ system components together and enable easy integration into your testing environment. Officers get real-time electronic notification of violations on their desktop or by way of email. System administrators can do even more.

    Typical reports include:
  • Client Test History
  • Failed and No-Shows
  • Previous and Expected Days Tests
  • Summary Client Reporting
  • Current Officer/Client Assignments (including the ability to re-assign clients)
  • Revenue Tracking

Lifeloc Innovation at Work
Central to the ZT247™ are Lifeloc’s automated BAC testing and alcohol screening capabilities. Lifeloc pioneered kiosk based BAC testing and today it is used across a variety of industries including transportation, hospitality, mining, oil and gas...and now offender alcohol monitoring. The ZT247™ provides the same reliable and accurate BAC results found in our portable law enforcement devices but with the added benefit of "no-officer required" operation. Test triggering, client sign-in, data-capture and reporting are all performed automatically.

Markets Served: 24/7 Programs, Corrections, Drug Courts, DUI Courts, Parole, and Probation.

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