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    Here's What You Get:
  • Comprehensive online BAT procedural training. Includes downloadable BAT reference materials. Meets DOT procedural BAT requirements.
  • Online anytime and anywhere. Maximum flexibility for trainer and student. Self study and self paced.
  • A comprehensive system ideal for regulated compliance training - SCORM compliant.
  • Professionally designed. An engaging combination of narration, animation and procedural video examples.
  • Free 5 year membership to Lifeloc University.
  • Your membership Includes:
    • Secure access to all BAT course content and materials for the 5 year life of your certification.
    • Email notification service. Get real-time DOT rule and regulation changes and important industry information as it happens.
    • Membership also includes automatic electronic updates to your online BAT reference materials.
  • Backed by Lifeloc, world leader in Workplace Alcohol Testing.

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3 Easy Steps to BAT Certification

  1. Complete the procedural training online.
  2. Conference with your training coach to ask questions and review materials.
  3. Complete the required mock tests and equipment training with your instructor online or in person.

The benefits of Lifeloc's web-based training don't end once the certificate is earned. Users have free access to all course and reference materials for the full five year life of the BAT certification.

Contact your Master Trainer or call the Lifeloc Training Department today at 800.722.4872. You can also use the Request for Training Information form to send an email request to

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Submitted by: Paula McClure, RN, Drug Testing Services Coordinator – OhioHealth

Lifeloc’s training courses are entertaining and informative, a big improvement from the dry classes I have taken in the past. I completed the initial Breath Alcohol Technician Course in person and next completed the refresher course online. Our Lifeloc Master Trainer is terrific to work with on training and regulation issues, and is always available to answer questions. We have been using Lifeloc’s products for six years now and I would recommend the company for its outstanding customer support.

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Submitted by: Marie C. Chrobak, MS, MRO-A, MEAA – Doctors On Call

I am so pleased with my Lifeloc distributor and trainer. Not only is Lifeloc’s alcohol and drug training affordable, the flexibility makes it convenient to schedule training for a busy office like mine. I have peace of mind knowing that my staff has had quality training and is fully prepared to perform testing with no experience. I highly recommend using Lifeloc trainers for any business that is looking for quality education and professional service.

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Submitted by: Kathleen Williams, CMA, WorkMED Results Coordinator - Valley Care Health Systems

My team completed Breath Alcohol Technician Training from a Lifeloc Master Trainer who worked directly with our staff. She is always available to answer any questions or problems we have with our breath testers. Lifeloc’s training is excellent based on its convenience, quality, responsive and knowledgeable instructors, and relevant content.

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Submitted by: Gabriel Garcia, Mgr. of Human Resources & Risk/Drug & Alcohol Program Manager

Our BAT staff found this training to be very informative and user friendly. I must agree with our BAT staff on this. The web based class for our mock testing was just as user friendly. I would recommend this training to others that need to be certified or need refresher training. Thanks again for your assistance and guidance on our training.

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Submitted by: Dennis Kerns, C-SAPA, Past president of SAPAA, Director CannAmm Occupational Testing Services

The online line BAT training course that LifeLoc has put together is first class. The time spent onsite for training can be cut from 1 1/2 days to 1/2 a day to complete the equipment training and the proficiency training on the instrument. Lifeloc has raised the bar by introducing this high quality online BAT qualification training program.

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Submitted by: Dave Claflin, CEO/Founder Fas-Tes Franchise Systems LLC

BAT Training nationwide was going to be cumbersome at some point because we would need a BAT trainer to train each franchisee, but with Lifeloc’s suggestion of the Online DOT BAT training we now have a PERFECT fit and solution for our expansion. We put one of our new employees through the program this week and we LOVE the training.

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Submitted by: Joe Reilly, Former DATIA Chairman

Over the last 15 years I have been involved with various training programs for breath alcohol technicians (BAT) and urine specimen collectors.  I recently had the opportunity to complete the web based on line training provided by Lifeloc Technologies.  Besides being very convenient; this is an excellent training program with quality course content that is self paced, easy to read, current, accurate and compliant with DOT regulations.  It is engaging and presented with great reference manuals,  graphics, audio and video and allows for ongoing review of the training for five years.  As a leading expert in the drug/alcohol testing  industry I highly recommend the Lifeloc Web-Based BAT Certification for both newcomers and veterans of the industry that need BAT training and Certification.

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Submitted by: Casey Neubert from MS

I recently had the opportunity to complete the online BAT training course provided by Lifeloc technologies. This course focused on Breath Alcohol Technician Training and was truly a unique, engaging, and educational experience. The content of the course was easy to read, the modules were highly interactive, and each section included rich multimedia content which helped to keep me, as the student, engaged and focused. The program provided a wealth of easy to reference information which can be accessed following the completion of the course for up to five years. This program is more than just a training program; it is a reference tool for industry regulations, practices and procedures. I highly recommend the Lifeloc Web-Based BAT Certification training program for any and all industry professionals who are in need of the BAT Certification or a comprehensive refresher.


All Lifeloc web based training is professionally designed and created to the highest standards.

  • Professionally designed using a combination of narration, animation and expert information. SCORM compliant
  • Printable documents and course handouts available to all students.
  • Online anytime and anywhere. Self-study and self-paced.
  • Continuing and free access to your course content after course completion.
  • Automatic e-mail notifications of content updates to ensure you and your course materials are always up-to-date.
  • Printable course completion certificates.
  • Backed by Lifeloc Technologies

To ensure smooth operation, Lifeloc requires the following system features:

Processor Intel® Pentium® II 450MHz, AMD Athlon® 600MHz or faster (or equivalent)
Memory 128MB or RAM or greater
Browser Internet Explorer 8.0 (IE 7 and IE 6 are also supported but not recommended), Mozilla Firefox 2.0, and Google Chrome 2.0
Player Adobe Flash Player, version 8 or newer
Connection Speed High Speed Internet Connection @ 1.0 Mbps or faster (dial up will not provide sufficient speed)

Lifeloc offers flexible scheduling and a variety of cost effective training options to suit your budget and your timelines. Choose what works best for you from online, onsite, and factory based training options.

We also offer train-the-trainer programs for organizations wishing to become self-sufficient.

Available Courses Include
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Breath Alcohol Technician Training (BAT)
  • New BAT Training
  • Refresher BAT Training
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Certified Urine Specimen Collector Course
  • New Specimen Collection Training
  • Refresher Specimen Collection Training
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Train the Trainer Courses
  • BAT Instructor
  • C-LOCT Instructor
  • Urine Collector Instructor
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Reasonable Suspicion Training for Supervisors
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Marijuana and the Workplace
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Lifeloc Workplace Equipment Training C-LOCT
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Lifeloc FC Series Equipment Training C-LOCT
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Designated Employer Representative (DER)  
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Employee Awareness (Drug & Alcohol)  
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Medical Review Officer Assistant  
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Alternative Specimen Collection
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Substance Abuse Professional (SAP)  
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Drug and Alcohol Policy Guidance  
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