Personal Breath Alcohol Testing

Officer Conducting Field Sobriety Test on DUI Suspect

Offering breath alcohol measurement products to the consumer is one way that Lifeloc fulfills our mission of making society safer. Managing your BAC while drinking is drinking more responsibly. Trust in Lifeloc to bring you a breathalyzer that is accurate, easy to use and affordable.

Lifeloc does not recommend drinking and driving at any level of intoxication.

Available directly to the public online at

LifeGuard Personal Breathalyzer

LifeGuard Personal Breath Alcohol Tester

Using the same technology that’s in our DOT and law enforcement breath testers, Lifeloc offers the LifeGuard. It’s an affordable breath tester designed to be as accurate and reliable as our industrial units, so that individuals can ensure the safety of their families and the protection of their assets.

  • Cleared for consumer use by the US FDA
  • High resolution graphic display
  • Breath alcohol curve in real time
  • BAC management with last three test trend graph
  • See more at the LifeGuard website

BreathScan® Disposable Breath Alcohol Testers

BreathScan Disposable Alcohol Breath testers

BreathScan® is a one-time use breath tester available at a disposable cost. Carry one BreathScan® with you and always have available a last minute assurance that you’re making an informed decision. Lifeloc ships four packs accompanied with a neoprene pouch perfect for storage and protection of your BreathScans®.

  • Available in .02 BAC and .08 BAC
  • Easiest way to monitor your BAC
  • Under two minute test results
  • Compact and portable (2" in length)
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In the US and Canada the LifeGuard personal alcohol tester is available directly to the public online at

The LifeGuard Precision Fuel Cell breath tester is a serious instrument for serious consumers. LifeGuard is designed using Lifeloc’s Platinum Fuel Cell technology and our patented breath alcohol algorithms- the same technology we use in our law enforcement devices. Now, Lifeloc brings this experience to the growing consumer market for breathalyzers. The LifeGuard is unique because it blends professional-grade accuracy and precision with ease of use in an attractive and affordable consumer product.

The LifeGuard is cleared by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) for product safety as well as by other regulatory agencies.

One idea remains unchanged through three decades of dedicated work – breath alcohol testers can be both highly precise and easy to use.

LifeGuard Breath Alcohol Tester Logo

Visit the LifeGuard website for product information, accessories, and a library of information about alcohol management.

Lifeloc does not recommend drinking and driving at any level of intoxication.

Interested distributors may contact The LifeGuard Division of Lifeloc:

The LifeGuard Division
Lifeloc Technologies, Inc.
12441 West 49th Avenue
Suite 4
Wheat Ridge, CO. 80033

BreathScan® is a reliable, single-use, breath alcohol detector. It provides convenient and portable alcohol screening at home or anywhere you go. Easy to carry, simple to use, and alcohol specific.

    How it works:
  • Squeeze tube to break ampoule and activate the crystals
  • Blow through the tube
  • Get your result (positive or negative)

If BreathScan® detects the presence of alcohol in your breath, the crystals will change color. You will know within two minutes if you are under or over the BAC level specified.

BreathScan® is the perfect disposable alcohol tester for checking yourself or your loved ones. BreathScan® can also be used in social host settings to keep your celebrations safe.

    About BreathScan:
  • FDA cleared
  • Patented technology
  • .02 and .08 alcohol screening levels
  • Disposable and discrete
  • Easy to use, 4 simple steps
  • 2 minute response time
  • Affordable alcohol detection system

Product Configurations – Available in either .02 or .08 BAC detection levels

4 Pack – Perfect for on the go testing. You receive 4 BreathScan® devices in either .02 or .08 BAC alcohol detection levels packed in a neoprene zipper pouch w/key chain.

Refill – 12 Testers in either .02 or .08 BAC

Case Pack – 25 Testers in either .02 or .08 BAC

Lifeloc does not recommend drinking and driving at any level of intoxication.

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