Sentinel™ Breath Alcohol Screening Entry System

Sentinel Screening Entry System

Up to 40% of all industrial fatalities are linked to alcohol consumption and the percentage of industrial accidents where alcohol is a factor is even higher1. The SENTINEL™ Alcohol Screening System enables high volume "zero tolerance" screening of employees, visitors or contractors in safety sensitive industries such as Mining, Construction and Oil and Gas.

The SENTINEL™ can significantly reduce industrial accidents linked to alcohol consumption. It enhances existing mandated and non-mandated pre-employment, random and post-accident alcohol testing programs with the proven deterrence of 100% employee testing.

SENTINEL™ alcohol monitoring is fast, totally automated, and completely non-invasive. Tests are triggered automatically by blowing at the breath collector cone. No mouthpieces, straws or test supervision is required. SENTINEL™ uses internationally recognizable color icons to prompt subjects to blow and to display test results. There are no buttons to push or lights to interpret. Subject training or pre-qualification is unnecessary.

Unlike other devices, screening results are delivered virtually instantaneously. Negative test results are delivered in less than 2 seconds ensuring access points do not become backed-up. Positive alcohol results are delivered in less than 10 seconds.

The system can be stand-alone or be sequenced with existing turnstiles, time clocks and other access control systems. Annual calibration is done quickly and easily by your staff without having to remove the unit or take it out of service. Modular design allows for easy in-situ service by your maintenance personnel. Easy side-access to key components permits easy component replacement and remote software updates using the internal USB access.

The Sentinel™ was designed for rough conditions. A rugged steel case guards against dust, vibration and condensation. Additional measures are included to thwart tampering. Lifeloc’s field proven and alcohol specific fuel cell sensing technology ensure long working life.

South African Mines Case Study
  • Automated alcohol screening device
  • Easy integration with any access point system
  • Full color LCD with easy to understand icons
  • Modular components for easy maintenance
  • Remote software updates via internal USB port
  • Weather proofing protective gaskets along all open ports
  • Breath path is channeled away from all system components reducing condensation
  • Hinged design for easy internal access without removing from the wall
  • Prevents tampering through conduit access and no exposed buttons
  • Fully customizable for individual test protocols
  • Ingress Protection: IP54
  • Full 1 year warranty on all system components
  • Made in USA
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Product Features
Entry System Designed to work with turnstiles, entry booths, time clocks and many other gate or entry access devices
Passive Testing Screens for the presence of alcohol in a subject. The test is automatically triggered as the subject blows towards the designated port. No Mouthpieces Required. Low Cost Per Test.
Rapid Repeatability Instant response on NEG tests, under 10 seconds on POS tests. The Sentinel™ is capable of taking hundreds of tests per hour.
Rugged Housing Anodized aluminum construction designed to protect against dust and vibration
Remote Updating System is field upgradable using the internal USB interface
Serviceability Calibrate the unit without opening the device or taking it off the wall. Sentinel has modular components for easy in-field replacements.
Communication Uses a full color LCD screen along with easy to understand icons to clearly communicate with the subject. There is no user interpretation.
Adjustable Alcohol Levels Easily adjust alcohol cut-off levels depending on your testing protocol. Choose from .000 BAC when any amount of alcohol is a violation, .02, .04, or any desired alcohol level.
Size Approx. 8" x 13" (203 mm X 330 mm)
Weight 4.75 pounds (76 ounces, 2154 grams)
Sampling Automatic Passive
Sensor Full Size 1" Fuel Cell
Display Full Color Digital LCD
Communication Relay Output
Software Updates USB
Response Time Immediate on negatives, under 10 seconds on positives
Recovery Time Immediate on negatives, under 20 seconds on positives
Operating Temperature 32° - 130° F (0° - 55° C)
Power 9 volt 3 amp wired or Plug-In AC Adapter 90 VAC – 264 VAC
Voltage Regulation ± 5% Maximum Ripple 1% Vp-p
Housing Anodized Aluminum
Certifications IP54
Warranty 1 year

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Copyright 2012, Lifeloc Technologies.
1"Management Perspectives on Alcoholism," by M. Bernstein and J.J. Mahoney, published in Occupational Medicine, 1989.

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