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About Lifeloc Technologies (OTC:LCTC)

Lifeloc is a U.S. manufacturer of professional breath alcohol testers. We exist to make the world safer from alcohol and drug abuse.

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Lifeloc evidential breath testers serve Law Enforcement and help protect our Workplace. Our alcohol screeners benefit Corrections, Schools and Military testing. Lifeloc alcohol testing kiosks are deployed for 24/7 Sobriety and zero tolerance employee programs. Our personal breathalyzer is the world’s most accurate.

We support our customers with comprehensive training and certification programs. Learn More.

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Distributor Locator Map

Distributor Locator

Easily find a distributor who will assist you with Lifeloc products in your country or state

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BAC Calculator

Breath Alcohol Content Calculator

Determine your breath alcohol content with our BAC Calculator.

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All Lifeloc EBTs DOT Approved with Optional EASYCAL® Device

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