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EASYCAL® Automatic Calibration Station

EASYCAL Automatic Calibration Station
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Breath alcohol testing compliance just got easier, faster, and more affordable. The DOT tested EASYCAL calibration station automates every step of Lifeloc breath alcohol tester calibration, cal-checks, record keeping and gas management. Gone is the need to manually connect and disconnect gas cylinders, regulators, adapters and tubing. No more altitude correction factors. No more expired or low pressure gas cylinders. Reduce operator error.

EASYCAL simplifies everything.

Just cradle your unit, power on, and EASYCAL does the rest.

EASYCAL will lower your calibration gas usage, improve record keeping and eliminate the risk of operator errors associated with performing incorrect calibrations, cal-checks and subsequent breath tests. And like your Lifeloc Breath Tester, EASYCAL is engineered with Lifeloc accuracy and reliability.

EASYCAL automatically records and prints:
  • Unit Serial Number
  • Date/Time
  • Result: Pass/Fail and Digital Result
  • Gas Standard
  • Gas Cylinder Lot Code
  • Gas Cylinder Expiration Date
  • Operator (if selected)
  • Location ID (if selected)

No Professional Breath Testing Program should be without EASYCAL

  • Automatic one-touch calibration and calibration checks
  • Large color touchscreen for easy navigation
  • Intuitive operation
  • No computer or additional equipment required
  • Print event records to your Lifeloc printer
  • Reduces gas usage up to 50% versus manual cal/cal-checks
  • Up to 5X faster calibrations and checks than the competition
  • Automatically tracks gas cylinder expiry, volume and flow rate management
  • Fixed and mobile kit configurations available
  • All Lifeloc EBTs DOT approved with optional EASYCAL device
  • Made in USA

EASYCAL is compatible with all Lifeloc Evidential Breath Testers sold today and with most of our testers sold over the past few years.

For Law Enforcement and Corrections EASYCAL offers affordable and reliable remote or centralized PBT calibration. Equipment calibration activities can be standardized across many instruments and many operators. Benefits include reduced back and forth shipping costs, automated record keeping, less equipment downtime, and peace of mind for prosecutors that each and every device is automatically checked and performs to the same high standard.

In DOT and Workplace Evidential Breath Testing, EASYCAL improves productivity and compliance in the field or office. Required monthly or event based calibration checks are performed properly and promptly every time. Simplified operations mean fewer chances for error, less risk of compliance issues and higher client and employee satisfaction.

As per Lifeloc Technologies’ Quality Assurance Plans (QAP) and referenced in section 40.233 of 49CFR Part 40; only individuals trained and qualified as calibration technicians may perform the required calibrations. A Lifeloc Operator and Calibration Technician Certification (C-LOCT) is required to perform calibration, regardless of the method, on a Lifeloc Evidential Breath Tester (EBT). This C-LOCT is specific to the method of calibration.

International Lifeloc users can now control their entire breath alcohol testing operations. Because your breath alcohol testers never need to leave your operation you instantly reduce your training expense, freight costs, paperwork, service charges and breathalyzer downtime.

For more information on how EASYCAL can simplify and automate your alcohol breath testing operations contact us at sales@lifeloc.com

EASYCAL Patents pending.

Compliance Management Features
Cylinder Expiry Lockout Prevents the use of out-of-date gas
Gas Standard Override Prevents mismatch of gas standard with your alcohol tester
Dry Gas Sensor Shows percentage of gas remaining in the tank and warns when gas is too low
Calibration Warning Helps prevents an inadvertent calibration after a positive test
Auto Altitude Correction Automatically checks and sets altitude correction factors
Security Assign, enable or disable users and passwords
Sequence Software Individual test protocols by market ensures all calibrations and cal-checks are performed and documented correctly
Serial Numbers Alcohol tester serial numbers are read and stored with each cal event
Print Log Logs checks and calibrations across unlimited breath alcohol testers
Display Full color digital LCD resistive touchscreen
Cylinder Size Industry Standard 34 L and 105 L Dry Gas cylinders.*
Due to the cylinder size, an adapter is required when using the 105 L cylinders.
Available Gas Standards .04, .08, .10 (non-standards available per request)
System Sensors Breath Tester Seat Sensor - ensures proper device seating

Cylinder Pressure Sensor - automatically checks tank volume

Barometric Sensors - automatic altitude correction on all units
Recovery Time Immediate
Calibration Time < 2 minutes
Calibration Check Time < 30 seconds
Operating Temperature 68° - 95° F (20° - 35° C)
User Selectable Power Options 110/220 Volt auto-switching power supply

4 AA lithium batteries (approx. 5 working hour life)

Auto Sleep Mode
Dimensions Approx. 9.9" L x 8.5" W x 3.5" D (251 x 216 x 89 mm)
Weight 3 Pounds (48 ounce, 1360 gram)
Printer Communication Standard Thermal, IRDA and Bluetooth printers. Will support current and future Lifeloc printing devices
Software Updates Remote via USB
Record Memory 500 records before overwrite
Warranty 2 year limited parts and labor
International Options Unit of Measure: BAC standard. International units of measure available

Language: English standard. Additional languages available

User Selectable international date and time formats
Certifications CE
Housing Ruggedized ABS antimicrobial plastic

Phoenix 6.0BT GK EASYCAL Kit (with Bluetooth)

Phoenix 6.0BT GK EASYCAL Kit

The Phoenix 6.0BT GK EASYCAL kit is the most powerful and fully featured evidential breath alcohol testing solution on the market. With the Phoenix6.0 you are in control in any testing situation. The kit includes everything you need to be DOT compliant, the Phoenix 6.0BT evidential breath alcohol tester with printer, an automated calibration station, 34 liter dry gas tank, Alcohol Test Forms and mouthpieces. The EASYCAL Calibration Station automatically performs calibration and calibration checks as required by DOT test protocol. Comes in our sturdy carry case with foam to protect your investment.

Kit includes: EASYCAL Calibration Station, Phoenix 6.0BT Evidential Breath Alcohol Tester, Bluetooth Label Printer, 1 roll PermAffix labels, 34 Liter Dry Gas, Stylus, Carrying Case, 100 EasyTab™ Mouthpieces, 50 DOT and 50 Non-DOT Forms, User Manual, 2 Year Deluxe Warranty, 1 pack 4 AA Lithium Batteries for Cal Station, 1 pack AA Batteries for Unit, Cables and Chargers.

FC20BT GK EASYCAL Kit (with Bluetooth)


The Lifeloc FC20BT GK EASYCAL Kit is a complete self-contained mobile solution for breath alcohol testing, test result printing and instrument calibration for law enforcement, corrections and many international applications. The kit contains includes the FC20BT breath alcohol tester, EASYCAL automatic calibration station, dry gas tank, and supplies. The FC20BT GK EASYCAL kit comes in a waterproof and shatter-proof carrying case.

Kit includes: EASYCAL Calibration Station, FC20BT Breath Alcohol Tester, Bluetooth Thermal Printer, 1 roll Thermalast paper, 34 Liter Dry Gas, Stylus, Carrying Case, 10 EasyTab™ Mouthpieces, User Manual, 1 Year Warranty*, 1 pack 4 AA Lithium Batteries for Cal Station, 1 pack AA Batteries for Unit, Cables and Chargers.



The Lifeloc FC20 GK EASYCAL Kit is the mobile breath alcohol testing and record printing solution for law enforcement, corrections and international applications. The kit includes the FC20 tester with extensive test memory, a cabled thermal printer and the EASYCAL automatic calibration station for doing your own calibrations and calibration checks. All in a rugged, crush-proof carry case.

Kit includes: EASYCAL Calibration Station, FC20 Breath Alcohol Tester, tethered Thermal Printer, 1 roll Thermalast paper, 34 Liter Dry Gas, Stylus, Carrying Case, 10 EasyTab™ Mouthpieces, User Manual, 1 Year Warranty*, 1 pack 4 AA Lithium Batteries for Cal Station, 1 pack AA Batteries for Unit, Cables and Chargers.

Citizen BT EASYCAL Kit

Citizen Bluetooth Printer EASYCAL Kit

Improve productivity and reduce risk of operator errors with the EASYCAL Calibration Station Kit. The kit includes a bluetooth wireless thermal printer (compatible with FC20BT and Phoenix 6.0) which uses Lifeloc’s special Thermalast paper for archiving records and updating log books. Perfect for non-DOT workplace, law enforcement and corrections, this mid-level package provides everything you need for calibration and cal-check compliance. To determine if your Lifeloc Breath Alcohol Tester is compatible with the EASYCAL, call or check online here.

Kit includes: EASYCAL Calibration Station, Bluetooth Thermal Printer, 1 roll Thermalast paper, 34 Liter Dry Gas, Stylus, User Manual, 1 Year Warranty*, 1 pack 4 AA Lithium Batteries, Cables and Chargers.



For those that already have a Lifeloc breath alcohol tester and printer, the EASYCAL kit is the most economical solution. EASYCAL simplifies everything by allowing for one touch calibration and cal-checks and then printing results directly to your current printer. To determine if your Lifeloc Breath Alcohol Tester is compatible with the EASYCAL, call or check online here.

Kit includes: EASYCAL Calibration Station, 34 Liter Dry Gas, Stylus, User Manual, 1 Year Warranty*, 1 pack 4 AA Lithium, Cables and Chargers.

Submitted by: Jarrod Hurley, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Traffic Bureau

I spend less than a minute doing monthly calibration checks using EASYCAL which frees me up to do other things. You simply plug and play to get your monthly check done which is very efficient for the large group of officers we have. Lifeloc products are leading the way with PBT units and calibration machines. There is no other choice for us.

Submitted by: Stephen Prestridge, Safety Manager, Walmart

The monthly calibration went from being a dreaded activity to something that we look forward to now. Its very effective. Performing automatic calibrations with the EASYCAL reduces the chance of inaccurate results and is far more convenient.

Submitted by: Tom Econome, owner of Collection Plus

The EASYCAL’s expiration date notice for gas cylinders makes it especially convenient. EASYCAL adds a lot of value for businesses employing multiple people using multiple breath alcohol testing units.

Submitted by: Joyce Harris, Kansas Drug Testing, Inc.

I like the ease of use since there is no need to remember how to do anything. The EASYCAL does the checking for me.

EasyCal Automatic Calibration

EASYCAL® is a registered trademark of Lifeloc Technologies, Inc.