Breath Alcohol Testing Kiosk Integration Kits

Breath Alcohol Testing Kiosk Integration Kit
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Lifeloc pioneered breath alcohol testing mechanisms for easy integration with free standing desktop and wall mount self-serve kiosks as well as interfacing with existing software systems. Common applications include Patron Testing in the Hospitality Industry, Driver Monitoring in the Transportation Industry, Offender Monitoring in Probations/Parole and Employee Monitoring and Access Control in Heavy Industry.

Our high quality alcohol testing kits use the same platinum fuel cell sampling systems and algorithms we use in our law enforcement instruments. The sensors are alcohol specific, offer long working life and are easy to install, service and calibrate.

Communication between the alcohol testing device and the system is done through a serial interface. Lifeloc provides a comprehensive serial interface packet for your developers to make integration easy.

No batteries needed. The Kiosk Integration Kits come standard with a power cable allowing the breath tester to be in a constant ready state. When performing direct testing, a mouthpiece adapter is provided for easy insertion of mouthpieces, tubes or straws.

Lifeloc is with you every step of the way including advice on design, mounting, testing protocols and engineering support.

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Breath Advisor Wall Mounted Breath Alcohol Tester

Case Study: Breath Advisor

BreathAdvisor™ came to Lifeloc looking for a way to reduce DUI related incidents by providing customers with an anonymous, accurate B.A.C. reading and, if necessary, a safe option to get home.

Lifeloc partnered with the BreathAdvisor team providing kiosk integration kits for their Hospitality Kiosk making it the most accurate breathalyzer kiosk on the market today. For more information on BreathAdvisor, please follow this link.

Breath Advisor

Available Integration Kit Configurations

KIK200 Passive Alcohol Testing Kiosk Integration Kit: Breath Tester, Software Integration Package, Cables and Power Supply

KIK300 Direct BAC Testing Kiosk Integration Kit: Breath Tester, Software Integration Package, Mouthpiece Adapter, Cables and Power Supply

Customized kit configurations also available.