Alcohol Testing and Screening Stations

Breath Alcohol Testing and Screening Stations
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Automated, standalone Breath Alcohol Screening Stations are becoming popular for zero tolerance alcohol testing of employees, contractors and alcohol offenders in the criminal justice system.

Lifeloc offers wall mounted alcohol screeners (Sentinel™) for access control in the transportation, oil and gas, construction and mining industry. We also offer turnkey fixed station Alcohol Testing Kiosks (ZT247™) and software for use by law enforcement, probation and parole officers in offender monitoring programs.

Our testing stations can be wall mount or free standing for high or low volume usage, customized or off-the shelf. We consult with you to determine your needs and then integrate the modules of your choice into a complete solution.

    Alcohol Testing Station Options Include:
  • Passive and/or Direct Alcohol Testing
  • Automatic or manual calibration and calibration checking
  • Various sized Touch Screens
  • Fingerprint Recognition
  • Video and Image Capture
  • Credit and/or ID Card Reader
  • Bill/Change Acceptor
  • Battery Back-up
  • Receipt Printing
  • Ethernet or WiFi Capability

Markets Served: Transportation, Mining, Oil and Gas: Corrections, Drug Courts, DUI Courts, Parole, Probation, Halfway Houses and Alcohol & Drug Abuse Treatment Facilities

Breath Alcohol Testing Kiosk

Alcohol Offender Testing and Management Kiosk

Automated, standalone Breath Alcohol and Drug Testing Kiosks are quickly gaining ground both internationally and domestically. As such, Lifeloc offers a full line of Kiosk solutions for every testing need. The process is easy, we consult with our customers, determine their needs and design and develop a fully integrated alcohol testing kiosk.

Alcohol Control Entry System

Sentinel™ Breath Alcohol Screening Entry System

The Sentinel™ is a fully automated "Zero Tolerance" alcohol screening solution for monitoring of employees, contractors and visitors in safety sensitive industries such as Construction, Oil and Gas and Mining. It is also well suited to automatic monitoring in probation, parole, and 24 X 7 sobriety programs and related offender monitoring applications.