Corrections Alcohol Testing for Probation, Parole, Drug Courts, 24/7 and more.

Alcohol Testing for Corrections, Parole, Probation

Continued sobriety is a journey, not a destination. Lifeloc Technologies has long been a trusted source for portable breath alcohol testing equipment for Corrections and Substance Abuse Professionals. Certified by NHTSA and used daily in thousands of tests by Corrections, the FC Series sets the standard for fast and convenient offender breath alcohol testing. All Lifeloc PBT’s are shipped with a self-study Basic Operation Course which contains an individualized Certificate of Completion.

FC5 Hornet Passive Alcohol Tester

FC5 Portable Breath Screener

The FC5 Hornet is the newest member of the FC Series of Law Enforcement and Corrections Breath Alcohol Testers. The FC5 is for rapid and economical zero tolerance offender testing. It requires no mouthpieces or special attachments. The FC5 is totally non-invasive and only requires the subject to blow at the breath collector cone to automatically trigger a test. A POS for alcohol or NEG result appears almost instantly. The FC5 is easy to learn, simple to operate and, for operator safety, results are unseen by the offender unless the operator chooses to reveal them. It will quickly become an indispensable tool in your operation.

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FC10 Portable Breath Alcohol Tester

FC10 Portable Breath Alcohol Tester

The FC10 is Lifeloc’s most popular Corrections breathalyzer because it combines Passive Alcohol Screening and accurate BAC measurement into one breathalyzer. For all around convenience and utility there is no better choice.

In Passive Mode the FC10 rapidly screens subjects and open containers for the presence of any amount of alcohol without mouthpieces or instrument collector cones. An immediate POS or NEG signals the presence of alcohol. In Direct Mode (using a mouthpiece) the FC10 gives law enforcement grade BAC measurement accuracy. This option is used in follow-up to a positive passive test or whenever there must be no doubt about an offender’s BAC level.

The FC10 also comes standard with last test recall. For additional test memory and result printing choose from the FC10Plus of FC20. Also available with Lifeloc EASYCAL® automatic calibration station for automated calibration, cal checks, and record retention.

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Alcohol Control Entry System

SENTINEL™ Automatic Alcohol Screening Station

The SENTINEL Alcohol Screening System enables fully automated "zero tolerance" alcohol monitoring. The system displays pass or fail results automatically on the color display and then resets itself for the next test. The SENTINEL is a wall mounted breathalyzer. It can operate as a stand-alone passive alcohol screener or integrated into an existing access control system.

Breath Alcohol Testing Kiosk

ZT247 Offender Management System

The ZT247 Offender Management Kiosk is a turnkey 24/7 monitoring solution for jail, court house, substance abuse treatment center or police station. The offender self checks-in on the touch screen and/or optional finger print scanner and takes an automated breath test at the kiosk while being video recorded. If the subject is positive for alcohol a real time notification will be sent to the P/O or Case Worker letting them know the client has failed the test. Also available are options for automatic payment additional security layers, passive or direct breath testing, and automatic breathalyzer calibration.

The ATK247 eliminates paper work and paper records, automates and communicates alcohol test results in real time and frees up staff for other tasks. Offender management has never been this easy.

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Drug Screening Products

Drug Screening and Urine Analysis

In addition to breath alcohol testing, Lifeloc offers everything you need for advanced urine analysis and drug screening. With a wide range of products covering everything from onsite, instant urine testing to supplies, we are now your one stop shop for all your BA and UA testing needs.