Frequently Asked Questions - FC10 & FC10Plus Breath Alcohol Testers

What batteries should I use in my FC10/FC10Plus?

High quality alkaline AA or NiMH rechargeable batteries

How oftern should I calibrate my FC10/FC10Plus?

Lifeloc recommends you calibrate your FC10/FC10Plus once a year or if it fails 2 consectutive calibration checks. In addition, check with your program administrator for any additional requirements or guidelines your organization may have.

How often should I perform a calibration check on my FC10/FC10Plus?

Calibration check requirements vary depending upon the program guidelines or internal procedures you are testing under.
In a non-DOT program your requirements may vary. Please check with your program administrator.

What is the recommended service interval of my FC10/FC10Plus?

We recommend you send your FC10/FC10Plus in for a Factory Diagnostic Check every 2 years.

What do I do if my FC10/FC10Plus constantly reboots?

This is typically caused by a battery failure. Replacement of all 4 batteries should fix the problem.

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