Frequently Asked Questions - Phoenix® 6.0 Breath Alcohol Tester

How often should I perform a calibration check on my Phoenix® 6.0?

Calibration check requirements vary depending upon the program guidelines or internal procedures you are testing under. If you are using the Phoenix 6.0 in a DOT program you must perform a calibration check every 30 days and as soon as conveniently possible after a positive test.
In a non-DOT program your requirements may vary. Please check with your program administrator.

How often should I send in my Phoenix 6.0 or EV30™ for service?

Lifeloc recommends that you send your Phoenix 6.0 or EV30 in for a factory diagnostic check once every two years.

What should I do before sending in my Phoenix 6.0 or EV30 for service?

During the service process, your unit is set back to factory settings. Therefore, you should note your custom settings and print or download all test results prior to returning an instrument.

Where do I go to get training on my Phoenix 6.0 or EV30?

Training information can be found here

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